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How to meal prep?

Meal prep simply means meal preparation and it can help you in many ways from smashing your fitness goals to placing your diet on autopliot. I call it a life hack because there are so many benefits beyond eating healthy. You do not need to be a cooking pro either. If you want to get started but not sure how it works, here is a quick guide below.

Define your goal

Although meal prep is regularly associated with bodybuilding or weight loss meal plans, there are other ways it can help you. You might just need lunch ideas for work or you could be looking to reduce your shopping budget. Even just freeing up time on weekdays. This is why it is good to define your goal which will help you create a list of foods and ingredients to build your meal plan.

Meal Plan

The framework is the meal plan which can be basic or advanced. If you have a specific goal in mind, meal planning will help give you an instant insight to know if you are heading on the right path. Whereas a basic meal plan, for example for your work week, can help you create a shopping list which can help you reduce costs and prevent food wastage.

Shop Ingredients

If you are just beginning to meal prep or cooking your home meals for the week-ahead, you will need a pantry of items you will frequently use such as spices, dry food items, oils, etc. When you have a meal plan, you also have a defined shopping list which means you only need to shop for fresh items. In the long-run this helps you save plenty of money.

Start Cooking

If you are cooking for the week-ahead such as your work days or training days, then it is ideal to choose your day off when you are relaxed and have time to cook in the kitchen. As you have a meal plan, you can simply start cooking away. Do not worry if you are a beginner because most recipes are designed to be straight-forward.

Store and Reheat

Follow the two-hour rule and allow your food to cool down before you refrigerate or freeze. Majority of the meal prep recipes last in the fridge for 3-4 days and it is best to use fresh ingredients. If you are unsure or confused about storing or reheating food, read the guide below or feel free to contact me with any specific questions.


It gets easier each week, and I try to post new recipes and meal prep ideas to help you enjoy eating. Meal prep does not need to be boring, where are eating bland chicken all the time, and instead there are many ways to make healthy food incredibly tasty and satisfying.