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How to meal prep?

Browse the recipe index

The recipe index is built to help you find exactly what you are looking for whether it is a recipe idea for work or quick meal idea which takes less than 30 minutes. This index is continuously updated with new ideas and it is built to make your life easier. Simply have a look at the category you need and pick the recipes you fancy cooking.

Choose your recipes

The recipe index helps you with flexible meal planning as it can help you choose recipes accordingly that is suited to your schedule and lifestyle. Most recipes here will have information to help you understand how long it lasts in the fridge and how many portions you can make.

Shop Ingredients

If you are just beginning to meal prep or cooking your home meals for the week-ahead, you will need a pantry of items you will frequently use such as spices, dry food items, oils, etc. When you have your own meal plan, you also have a defined shopping list which means you only need to shop for fresh items. In the long-run this helps you save plenty of money.

Start Cooking

If you are cooking for the week-ahead such as your work days or training days, then it is ideal to choose your day off when you are relaxed and have time to cook in the kitchen. You can simply start cooking away. Do not worry if you are a beginner because most recipes are designed to be straight-forward and will tell you how long it lasts in the fridge or freezer.

Store and Reheat

Follow the two-hour rule and allow your food to cool down before you refrigerate or freeze. Majority of the meal prep recipes last in the fridge for 3-4 days and it is best to use fresh ingredients. If you are unsure or confused about storing or reheating food, read the guide below or feel free to contact me with any specific questions.


It gets easier each week, and I try to post new recipes and meal prep ideas to help you enjoy eating. Meal prep does not need to be boring. You do not need to be eating bland chicken all the time, and instead there are many ways to make healthy food incredibly tasty and satisfying.

Welcome to Spicy Meal Prep

Spicy Meal Prep is a food blog and resource which can help busy people cook more efficiently at home. Here you will find recipes which can schedule in advance, quick dinner ideas for busy weeknights and plenty of meal prep hacks to help you save money and save time. My goal is to prove that cooking can be fun, that eating healthy does not need to be boring and to encourage flexibility with meal planning. I regularly update this website with new recipes and meal prep ideas so ensure you sign up to my newsletter to not miss out on the latest content.

What is meal prep?

Meal prep is simply advanced meal preparation where you invest a bulk of your time cooking and/or preparing meals ahead of schedule. For example, on Sunday you can cook and prepare your meals for the upcoming weekdays. Meal prep helps you save time which consequently helps you save money and depending on the meals, can help you stay in shape and boost your productivity. That alone is enough to call it a life hack because this one habit can seriously help benefit you in the long run.

How can I improve your user experience?

I want my food blog to provide the best user experience for you which is why your feedback, ideas, praise and criticism is very important to help me understand what you want. Based on this, I will do my best to implement the changes and make this blog user-friendly. My aim is to ultimately provide you with recipe content and help you meal prep. However, I want to make it easy, quick and informative for my readers. Feel free to contact me if you want your user experience improved.