Spicy Meal Prep is a website and food blog that aims to help busy people cook tasty and healthy homemade meals which can help free up time, save money, and ultimately avoid going on fad diet.

Simply browse the recipe index, pick a recipe, follow the instructions, and reap the rewards of following simple cooking hacks.

We believe that food should always be tasty but it can be tricky if you are told to follow a healthy diet right?

This is why rather than promoting the next big diet and recommending ingredients you have never heard of, we instead post recipes based on portion control and healthier substitutions.

What is meal prep?

Meal prep is simply meal preperation which has always been around..

However, in today’s busy world, meal prep can help free up your time, save money, prevent food wastage, boost your productivity, and successfully follow a meal plan whether you need to lose weight, build muscle, or maintain healthy balanced diet.

That is enough to call it a life hack!

The problem can be figuring out which food keeps well and how long it is safe to keep certain foods stored. This is why I created this ultimate storage guide to clear up common misconceptions.

Meal prep can allow you to reheat food on the go, speed up time to cook fresh meals on weeknights and simply keep yourself organized.

Who is spicy meal prep for?

Spicy meal prep is a website for anyone looking for homemade meals that you can prepare in advance.

Even if you want to cook fresh meals, you can still use our methods to prep ingredients to save time during the weekdays.

Mani from spicy meal prep