Spicy Meal Prep is a food blog and resource for busy people and home cooks around the world.

Here you will find mostly healthy recipes which can be ideal for batch cooking and meal prep, or quick and easy healthy recipes that you can make at home.

We post plenty of cooking tips and informative guides about reheating, freezing, substitutions and general storage.

What started as a solo blog has now turned into a website of healthy recipes and free information written by home cooks, chefs, and nutritionists around the world.

Our mission is to make healthy cooking easy, with realistic recipes that you will actually cook and balanced meals that you can fit into your meal plan.

We love the concept of meal prep, which is simply advanced meal preparation. It’s similar to batch cooking, however we call it a life hack because it helps you boost productivity by freeing up your time, helping you save money and helping you stay on track with your goals.

However, it’s totally fine to use our recipes without having to meal prep because ultimately it’s what works best for you.

Healthy eating is subjective, so we try our best to appeal to a wide audience who want to use mostly healthy ingredients and eat balanced meals.

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About Mani

Hey, I’m Mani and I started Spicy Meal Prep in 2019 because healthy eating and meal prep has been a deep passion of mine for many years.

What started as a solo blog is slowly turning into an active website of recipes and informative guides also written by home cooks, chefs, and nutritionists around the world.

So, how did I get into meal prep and healthy eating?

Rewinding back to 2009, that was the year when I first lived out and learned how to cook for myself.

Back then, I didn’t need a cookbook or food blog, because I had a notepad full of my Mum’s recipes! Most of which are healthy and spicy meals – which has inspired me to build this website.

However, that year I was seriously into bodybuilding and was going to the gym daily with the goal to increase muscle mass as I was very skinny.

However, I foolishly read the wrong information online when I searched how to build muscle and started to only eat “bodybuilding food” and became obsessed with high protein foods, but I did learn to meal prep.

Before meal prep was even a thing, I was often batch cooking healthy meals and counting calories because it was a natural thing to do.

However, I was obsessed with macros and calorie counting that I was often cooking meals which I thought was “bodybuilding food”. Things like chicken, rice, and broccoli all the time.

Yes, it was healthy, but it doesn’t need to be boring.

When I searched the web for meal prep inspiration and ideas, I found hardly anything that was fresh and new.

So when I looked at my notepad, I realized that these recipes from home are already macro-friendly, tasty, and healthy. Why not just use these?

So I started to test out new recipes, take down notes, and test which types of food are good to reheat and freeze.

Through trial and error, I started to really master meal prep and making healthy food taste good. Although I eventually lost interest in bodybuilding and going to the gym, I still find meal prep useful for productivity purposes and find healthy eating a lifestyle choice.

In 2019, I looked back at the last 10 years and wanted to put all of this into a blog and I hope it can help someone like me in 2009. The big mistake I made was not realizing soon enough that eating healthy can be fun.

This is why I have invested a lot into this website and hope to build an online community of like-minded home cooks.

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